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Single Session Therapy
Saturday February 3rd, 2024,
and Saturday February 17th, 2024 ,
10:00 am-12:30pm

Prioritize your mental health!

   Need a boost? Want to try therapy?

   Is it too expensive? Too time-consuming?

   Not covered by your insurance?

   Stuck on a waitlist?

We can help.

Come in and see a trained therapist

for an hour long sessions, get help,

and get back out there!

Located at 274 Main St. in Logan, Utah.

Click below to get scheduled

Walk-ins welcome

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Book a 1-hour appointment with one of our qualified therapists

About Single-Session Therapy

  • Single-session therapy is based on the idea that the most important work in therapy happens in the first session.

  • Single-session therapy focuses on your specific measurable goals.

  • Single-session therapy works with your strengths to make immediate changes to your life.

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